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* STELLAR Fundraising - National Community Development Services
Comprehensive fundraising campaign management services to economic and community development organizations, chambers of commerce and non-profit organizations across the country.
* Professional Credit Repair Orginizations and Total Restoration.
Credit repair agency offering bad credit repair consulting services.
* College Savings Plan
Online advice on which 529 plans are best for individual circumstances.
* Limited Company Formation
Online information about company formation and registration services with the choice of name in UK.
* E-gold payment processor for e-gold private investment
Tips and information about locating internet projects for investment.
* Stock Market and Trading Investment Term
Online database of stock market and trading investment terms.
* Household finance tips
Online source for money management tips for parents including a monthly financial newsletter.
* Xeon Finance & Loans
Information resource on depths of loan, wills, general insurance, conveyancing, credit cards, pensions and basic information of all other finance areas.
* The Online Financier
Offers finance information for all types of individuals, from entrepreneurs to students.
Coaching and mentoring portal offering end-users assessments, roleplaying, tools and live coaching.
* Consumer Credit Counseling
Consumer credit counseling, bankruptcy info and debt counseling services.
* Endowments
Offering impartial advice on all types of endowment buying and selling. Endowments processes hundreds of applications each month and pride Themselves on quality, impartial service.
* Personal Loans Saver
A non-profit organisation providing financial advice.
Down to earth money matters site providing a wide variety of savings articles and tips, as well as a savings newsletter.
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